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"In Mr. Moschen's hands, juggling becomes a balletic art... (he) elevates a minor theatrical art to visionary heights." - New York Times

"I wonder if we shall see anything more beautiful than what Michael Moschen achieves with a ball of glass." - The London Times

"Michael Moschen is a juggler, a kind of dancer-physicist - someone who can bend and twist the visible world out of the norm through the sheer grace of his own movements."
San Francisco Examiner

"Michael Moschen's performance is exhilarating, virtuoso entertainment... he gamely makes you privy to the secrets of the universe..." - The Village Voice

"He doesn't do anything the easy way. His opening, called Light(excerpts) is one of the most magical things to be seen on stage" - The Denver Post

"Moschen walks a fine line between entertainment and high art" - The Boston Globe


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* 1991 


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Wayne Sorce

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Wayne Sorce

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